NEWS: “I wrote ‘Smile for Me’ For Somebody Else” Simi

Joromi singer, Simi, has revealed that ‘Smile For Me’ was originally written for someone else to sing but when her producer saw the song, he told her to use it for herself instead, guess he knew it was going to be a hit.

This was stated when she was asked the inspiration behind the song and she opened up that it was meant for someone initially and it was supposed to be R&B but her producer told her to spice it up and make it hers and make it sound more like the Simi we know by adding her African twist to the song with the use of pidgin language and she is glad she sang the song as she believes it is one of those songs that comes to you once in a lifetime.

Is Simi telling us about her life in ‘Smile For Me’?

Well, as earlier stated, it was meant for someone else, so we don’t think it is her life, but according to her, while it is not fiction, it is somebody’s life and somebody’s truths that she is voicing out. Everybody wants someone who can go out of their way to make their loved ones happy and that is what Smile for Me is all about. Love is not always comfortable, it takes sacrifices and we all need that one person that’ll make that sacrifice for us.

To Simi, she prefers someone that is selfless and that is what she pours into Smile For Me.

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